About Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp in Thailand

« Take a gudeid tour of Tiger Muay Thai

Take a look inside one of the largest combined Muya Thai, MMA, Thaiboxing and Fitness training facilitys in Thailand

Let Head MMA Coach and current UFC Fighter Brian Ebersole take you on a walk-through around the camp, the beginner, intermediate and advanced Muay Thai Training Areas, the Tiger Grill, indoor MMA & BJJ training area and the air conditioned fully equipped gym facilities and more.

The training at Tiger Muay Thai

What makes TMT unuiqe and stand out from pretty much all other camps in Thailand is the versatile training available. Everyday you can pic and choose between Muay Thai, MMA, Grappling, Yogo and Boot Camp Fitness (Crossfit). The muay thai and grappling/mma training is offered twice a day.

Another unique thing about the muay thai training is that is suitable for EVERYONE no matter skill level. The training is separated in to beginner, intermediate, advance and elite. Each training program with its own area, so no matter if you never thrown a punch in your life or you are preparing for professional fight you will find training that suits your skill level.

The Facility

Tiger Muay Thai is THE largest combined mma, muay thai and fitness/weight training facility in Thailand. Currently with 6 full size muay thai rings, countless of bags and square meters of mat space surrounding them, a MMA area with a imported professional competition cage from Sinister Angels and about 200sqm rolling area. Indoor weight lifting area with brand new equipment and cooled down with fans.

» For more information about the camp and the training please visit the Tiger Muay Thai & MMA website. «