Kyle "Crocodile" Parmley

an Eye opening and Game changing experience at Tiger Muay Thai

Thanks to my trainers at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp, I was able to get my fundamentals not only in wrestling but as well as my stand up fighting to a level that is respectable.

The skills I learned while training at Tiger where not only eye opening but GAME changing for me. These skills and basics may of been simple but each technique was tailor made for my fighting style thus helping me easily adapt and use them in my fight at XFC 19 where I emerged victorious by way of knock out using one of the exact skills I was taught at Tiger Muay Thai.

I would like to again thank the legendary Coach Brian Ebersole and Coach Roger Huerta for helping me prepare for my Title belt that I now have.

Kyle Crocodile Parmley

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