History of Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, TMT Back in the Days

These are some of the pictures from Tiger Muay Thai’s earlier days. Since then the camp has grown to become the biggest combined Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts facility in Thailand.

For more current pictures and information about the camp check out Tiger Muay Thai & MMA’s website.

Collection of older pictures from the beginning of Tiger Muay Thai

The Muay Thai lead elbow is an effective lead strike in team with the jab.

When training, guests stretch and warm-up together before training .

Muay Thai is Boxing with elbows, knees, and lek kicks. Ultimate Boxing.

Training Muay Thai on Heavy bags is an important part of training.

There are several Muay Thai Stadiums in Phuket, Thailand. Fights and matches are held several times each week.

Women’s Muay Thai has become very popular and many of our guests at our thai boxing gym are female fighters wanting real training.

MMA Phuket and Tiger Muay Thai hold Women’s Muay Thai matches at Patong, Thailand.

Women fighters come from around the world to experience traditional Muay Thai training in the tropics of Phuket, Thailand.

Muay Thai training starts at an early age in Thailand. Chrildren as young as 7-8 will begin training for a life as a fighter.

Good Muay Thai training requires good pad holding and understanding proper muay thai techniques.

Muay Thai training photo

Sparring is an important part of Muay Thai and MMA training. All sparring at our camp is done in a professional manner with protective gear.

Muay Thai training photo

Training is often done in small groups to concentrate on certain techniques including rhythm, balance, and stance.

Muay Thai trainers and fighters

Our trainers @ MMA Phuket and Tiger Muay Thai & MMA are all former and current Muay Thai and MMA fihters with a wealth of knowledge.

Muay Thai training technique photo

Learning the proper technique on how to block a powerful Muay Thai leg kick is an important part of proper training.

Muay Thai training pictures.

Kroo Dton instructs a student during a sparring session. The front kick is an important offensive weapon striking the full range of the opponents body from thigh to head.

Muay Thai title championship fight, Patong, Thailand.

Kroo Dton wins the Bangla Stadium 64 kilo Muay Thai title with a 1st round KO. December 2005.

Muay Thai fight patong, Thailand.

Muay Thai and MMA are dangerous sports in and out of the ring while in training. Knockouts are common from kicks and elbows to the head.

Cardio Muay Thai training photos.

If you are wanting to lose weight and and concentrate on personal fitness, Muay Thai is one of the best sports for overall conditioning. Muay Thai and MMA are anaerobic and aerobic conditiong combined.

Muay Thai training photos

Cardio-Muay Thai is a great way to lose weight and raise endurance levels. One-on-one training with our trainers in the ring keeps you moving for 30 minutes punching, kicking, knees, elbows, and more packed in every exciting round.

Swedish Instructor of Shooto trains at Muay Thai.

Professional instructors of Martial Arts around-the-world come to Phuket, Thailand and Tiger Muay Thai & MMA to hone their skills and gain access to Traditional Muay Thai training techniques with qualified Muay Thai fighters and trainers.

Traditional Muay Thai training in Phuket, Thailand.

Tiger Muay Thai trainers will teach you every aspect of training traditional Muay Thai. Stance, balance, rhythem, and posture are all important parts of understanding REAL Muay Thai training.

Grappling instructor works on his stand-up fight game.

Swedish Grappling instructors work on striking techniques to go with their Jiu-Jitsu and ground game to be a complete MMA fighter and trainer.

Tiger Muay Thai & MMA trains grappling, submission style, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and of course, Muay Thai.

Muay Thai training photos.

Stretching before training Muay Thai or Mixed Martial Arts is important to prevent injuries. Training sessions at our Thai boxing gym start and end with proper stretching exercise.

Submission grappling photos.

Training Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts inside a real octogon fighting cage is apart of everyday training @ our Muay Thai training camp and fitness center in Phuket, Thailand.

Training MMA in aa fighting cage in Phuket, Thailand.

Tiger Muay Thai & MMA training camp uses a REAL octogon fighting cage to train guests and give them a feel for fighting in a cage and how to use the fence and surface to make them better Muay Thai and MMA fighters.

Submission grappling, Martial Arts, MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu photos.

Mixed Martial Arts guests can learn REAL MMA and techniques like the mount position, guard, escapes, reverses, and submission holds, arm bars, joint locks, shoots, and take downs, sprawl and clinching techniques.

Team Tiger Muay Thai & MMA

Team Tiger Muay Thai & MMA has a team of young Thai fighters that train and fight every few weeks in Phuket and southern Thailand.

Muay Thai fighter

The first of many Wai Kroo for young Muay Thai fighter named Oat.

Muay Thai fighter.

Climbing into the ring for the first time in his career as a Muay Thai fighter.

Women's Muay Thai fighter

Women’s Muay Thai has become very popular in Asia. Here, Tiger Muay Thai & MMA manager, Jaeb, is pictured with a 14-year-old female fighter from Phuket, Thailand.

Women's Muay Thai match at Patong Stadium, Phuket, Thailand

Female Muay Thai fighters compete under the same rules, throw the same viscious elbows and kicks. They are trained the same way as Male Muay Thai fighters.

pre-fight preperation by Muay Thai trainers.

Pre-fight preperation is an important for the fighter to get massage with liniment and wrap the hands with gauze and tape.

pre-fight massage by Muay Thai trainers

Before a Muay Thai fight, trainers will massage muscles and tendons with warm liniment to relax the fighter and help prevent injury during the fight.

Muay Thai band performing during the fight

Every Muay Thai fight has Muay Thai music that the fighters use a rythem and for timing. The music heightens as the round nears and end.

Muay Thai Wai kroo dance.

Before a Muay Thai fight, the fighters will perform the "Wai Kroo" a symbolic dance that pays tribute and respect to King, Country, Sport, gym, and master instructor.

Thai fighter performing

The "Wai Kroo" dates back the the roots of Muay Thai and Nai Khanom Thom, the Father of Muay Thai, who defeated 10 Burmeses to gain his freedom.

Muay Thai champion fighter

Muay Thai Stadium in Patong promotes REAL Muay Thai fights for Thai and foreigners. Thai champions and upcoming fighters compete regularly. Here is a current Southern Thailand Champion fighting for a title @ Patong Muay Thai stadium, Phuket, Thailand.

round 2 in a women's muay thai fight in Patong, Thailand.

Between rounds is an exciting time for Muay Thai fights. The trainers massage and stretch the fighter between rounds and pour cold water over the body to refresh the muscles.

Muay Thai fighter

Strategy plays an important part in any Muay Thai match. Attack the legs, clinch quick, boxing; these are all ways to exploit an opponents weakness.

Winning a Muay Thai fight @ patong

Our guests train and compete in fights all over South Thailand and Phuket. Fight nights are an exciting time as guests and friends of the gym get together to cheer on our fighter and party in Patong after the fights.

1st round KO over Thai fighter

Muay Thai fights are 5 rounds of 3 minutes. Fighters are allowed a standing-8 count and traditional Muay Thai rules and points apply.

Muay Thai trainer @ Phuket, Thailand

Flexability for kicking is an important part for all Martial Arts. here, a Muay Thai trainer, exercises by kicking tennis balls at different heights for better agility and flexability.

practice kicking martial arts

Training Camp guests participate in the same training drills, techniques, and exercises as our Thai trainers.

Guests grapple with each other experience.

Here @ MMA Phuket, we believe it is hardcore training and technique that makes a better fighter. Sparring and rolling (grappling) is an important part of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training.

Thai fighters @ stadium before the fight.

Tiger Muay Thai & MMA fighter, Champ, with fighter, Ngoo, Rober, and gym manager, jaeb @ Patong Muay Thai Stadium Feb 9, 2006.

Women's Muay Thai

16-year-old Women’s Muay Thai fighter @ Patong Muay Thai Stadium, Phuket, Thailand. Trainer Dton, TMT manager Jaeb, and guest, Allan, with Women’s Muay Thai fighter.

Muay Thai fighter before his fight.

TMT fighter / trainer Ngoo before his fight on 2-9-06 @ patong Muay Thai stadium, Phuket, Thailand.

cooling down after a Muay Thai fight in Phuket, Thailand.

Tiger Muay Thai & MMA patron, Frank, cools down after his fight. Trainers and cornermen take care of all our fighters before and after the fight.

women's muay thai

Women’s Muay Thai has become very popular in Thailand. Women’s kickboxing, very popular in Europe, has helped Women’s Muay Thai to get exposure, and a new generation of female Thai fighters. Nong Boo, an 18 year-old 12th grader, is training to become a Muay Thai fighter.

young women's muay thai fighter.

Nong Boo will earn 2500-5000 baht for each of her Muay Thai fights until she establishes herself. As she gets better, she can begin to earn more in each Muay Thai fight that she competes.

training to be a women's champ.

Nong Boo will compete in her first Muay Thai fight in the next 3 months. She trains everyday with Kroo Pope @ Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand.