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The Underwood Family:

A Family that trains together stays together….

DSC_9042-200x132 My family and I have spent the last three weeks training here at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand and we have had a wonderful family vacation filled with Muay Thai, the beach, shopping, fights and enjoying the warm hospitality of the Thai people. We didn’t know how things would turn out [...]

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Bobby Peek:

I leave here with lifelong friends…

DSC05403-200x150 It was the best 6 weeks of my life. I honestly have no complaints. The staff is great and the trainers were very experienced and amazing teachers. I leave here with lifelong friends and an experience that is one of a kind. I cannot wait to get home and start planning my next trip to [...]

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Adam Schindler:

I will miss this place like crazy….

DSC05402-200x150 Great 6 weeks. I loved every minute. Great people. Great staff. Great trainers and Muay Thai training. I’ll be back as soon as possible. I will miss this place like crazy until the. Thanks Adam.”

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Danny Guillen Quiros:

Two times at Tiger Muay Thai in Two years….

dannymongkon-200x132 This is my second time here in Tiger, after two years since my last trip, everything has changed a lot, the camp is bigger and the trainers staff is bigger, but I still remember a few of them, specially Phet and Yod. The first help me with the basic’s and the second [...]

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Kevin Collier:


DSC05394-200x150 Best Ever!! Budget room is a perfect room all including TV, fridge an fan. Trainers are very friendly and train you according to your own pace. Even after one week of training you will feel a lot better. The COMPLETE Tiger staff is wonderful. Office staff is friendly and will answer all questions with a smile.. The food [...]

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Jann Erik Johansen:

My Tiger Muay Thai Experience…..

DSC_0687-199x300 TMT: Can be recommended strongly, you leave with greater confidence and in your life-forms. Full of energy back to life and dream of one day to come back. I’m already in the planning phase to come back next winter. Then in January and February 2011 I WILL return. Until then, I want everyone who is training [...]

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Charlie Lefevre:


dsc_7706-200x132 I’ve been practicing Muay thai for now 5 years and when i came here i thought i knew about thai boxing…. That was until i joined TMT and met the team there! The trainers immediately took me under their wings and started to straighten up my technique. Leg wider on your stance, lean back, block, more twist [...]

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“Incredible training at Tiger”

DSC_5153-200x132 “I have been training Muay Thai for six years, I absolutely love it and one of my dreams was to come to Thailand to train. I’m so glad that I chose Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Camp in Phuket! It has been incredible training at Tiger; all the trainers are not only friendly and helpful but also really tough and experienced. I definitely want to go [...]

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