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Ever wonder how it is to live and train in Thailand. Here is collection of personal Muay Thai, MMA, Thaiboxing, fitness & weight loss training stories and testimonials from Phuket, Thailand.

These are the training and experience testimonials of guests from Tiger Muay Thai & MMA and MMA Phuket training camps in Thailand, about the muay thai, thaiboxing, fitness, weight loss & mma training and life in Phuket, Thailand.

Tiger Muay Thai & MMA is located in Chalong in Phuket, Thailand. Together they are the biggest combined Muay Thai, Thaiboxing, Fitness and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) facility in the whole of Thailand. Read more about the training camp here.

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Daniel Dugec:

« Daniel Loses 23 kg in Two Months at Tiger Muay Thai

Happiness was elusive for Daniel Dugec. Over three months ago, he was in his cushy job in Toronto, Canada, making good money working for a bank. Somewhere along the way, the grind became too much. Depression and anxiety set in as the 39-year-old had ballooned to 160 Kg, taking four ibuprofens a day to curb muscle [...]

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Stephane Hades:

The greatest choice I’ve ever made

10528200_1439771029643336_473373218_n-225x300 Let me introduce myself. I’m Stephane from France, and it was my first time in the Kingdom of Thailand and also at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp and guess what? It was so worth it coming all the way here to train. In all honesty, it was the greatest choice in my life, to [...]

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Sam Bastin:

High Quality Training and Team Atmosphere at Tiger Muay Thai

SAM-300x200 My 3 months stay at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp was an unforgettable experience. It was high quality training everyday. I am also a Fitness Coach back in Australia for 4 years and I can honestly say that classes such as the BodyFit and CrossTraining were instructed by the very knowledgeable trainers. [...]

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Tom Page:

Best and Most Challenging 2 months of my life

10426650_10203852844390647_5032357235636157370_n1-300x300.jpg I have come to the end of my two month stay at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp and all I can say is that it has been the best and most challenging two months of my life. From my first day at Tiger I was welcomed in with open arms by all the staff [...]

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Daniela Louisa Bright:

How Tiger Muay Thai changed my life and helping me face my biggest fight

Untitled-22-214x300 Martial Arts has been a part of my life for over 15 years. The usual start, Karate, followed by Taekwondo where I got to represent and captain England in 6 different countries plus kickboxing with various ring fights! It was always a passion for years to be able to come to Tiger Muay Thai & MMA [...]

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As we continue to branch the Tiger Muay Thai(TMT) name worldwide and be seen as one of the most prominent training facilities in all of Asia, TMT Director, Will Elliot, has helped make that even more true by inking a deal which should result in a mass influx of Chinese fighters and guests to the […]


The Joe Ray “It speaks for itself” says Joe with a wink. “ I just never wanted to choose a fight name just for the sake of having one” Joe Ray will be heading down to Australia to fight Steve Kennedy in Roshambo 3 on July 28, 2014 for the Welterweight Title. He will be […]


Hey check it out!! Tiger made in onto Madoo Channel 9, one of the TV Channels here in Thailand!!


Living this free is a right that you should choose to exercise…Check out a day in our life here at Tiger Muay Thai to really see what it is you are missing!!


Our monthly BBQ Beatdown was the 74th in the series and started the day with a beach workout, followed by a friendly game of soccer (futbol). The fun continued into the evening and night with a night of fights and fun! Make sure you don’t miss out on the 75th BBQ Beatdown next month!!

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