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Rasmus Maack:

everything is achievable once you dedicate yourself to its possibility

10645335_285022848367442_3103067257468761617_n-200x133 I’ve actually been to Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp three times – two times back in 2012 and then again back in February/March (2014). I’m a Boxing/Kickboxing instructor in Denmark and my visits to Tiger back then, was partly to learn new techniques, get inspiration for my classes back home. And partly to [...]

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Stephane Hades:

The greatest choice I’ve ever made

10528200_1439771029643336_473373218_n-225x300 Let me introduce myself. I’m Stephane from France, and it was my first time in the Kingdom of Thailand and also at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp and guess what? It was so worth it coming all the way here to train. In all honesty, it was the greatest choice in my life, to [...]

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Sam Bastin:

High Quality Training and Team Atmosphere at Tiger Muay Thai

SAM-300x200 My 3 months stay at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp was an unforgettable experience. It was high quality training everyday. I am also a Fitness Coach back in Australia for 4 years and I can honestly say that classes such as the BodyFit and CrossTraining were instructed by the very knowledgeable trainers. [...]

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Tom Page:

Best and Most Challenging 2 months of my life

10426650_10203852844390647_5032357235636157370_n1-300x300.jpg I have come to the end of my two month stay at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp and all I can say is that it has been the best and most challenging two months of my life. From my first day at Tiger I was welcomed in with open arms by all the staff [...]

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Daniela Louisa Bright:

How Tiger Muay Thai changed my life and helping me face my biggest fight

Untitled-22-214x300 Martial Arts has been a part of my life for over 15 years. The usual start, Karate, followed by Taekwondo where I got to represent and captain England in 6 different countries plus kickboxing with various ring fights! It was always a passion for years to be able to come to Tiger Muay Thai & MMA [...]

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Hannah 'The Amazon' Pickford:

From Hoops to the Ringside

hannah-214x300 This is a little rundown of my experience at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, who I can thank for introducing me to the sport in 2013! My first sport was of course, Basketball in which I represented Australia in the Youth Olympics and also Semi-Professionally as an adult. I decided quite early in my [...]

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Prabu Sobanaidu:

Tiger Muay Thai is a True Professional Fighters Gym in every sense of the word

photo-300x225 It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share my experience at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp Phuket. This is actually my second visit at TMT. My first visit was during the MIMMA Championship and now I came for my own MMA training. Throughout my one month stay at TMT, I have never [...]

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Nic Edgerton:


1507667_10151769467486780_761684078_n-200x300 Today we say goodbye To Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp But please don’t be down That we are leaving town We’ll be back before you know Ready to go ‘toe-to-toe’, But for now we have to bulk So we can be bigger than ‘The Thai Hulk’ 11 weeks have gone so fast I can’t believe it’s in the past, All the friends & [...]

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