Hannah 'The Amazon' Pickford

From Hoops to the Ringside

This is a little rundown of my experience at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, who I can thank for introducing me to the sport in 2013!

My first sport was of course, Basketball in which I represented Australia in the Youth Olympics and also Semi-Professionally as an adult.

I decided quite early in my career to follow my academic pursuits, so I turned down four division one NCAA basketball scholarships to the US. I eventually graduated as Chiropractor, but slowly started to disengage from basketball, despite making the All-star team in the championship league in Victoria, Australia. It just didn’t light me up anymore, and it soon became obvious that I needed to find something else.

So… I started searching….
I’d remembered that my friend (and awesome fighter) Tali, had gone to Tiger Muay Thai to train and I was very inspired by her to give Muay Thai a solid go.

So, rather nervous, I turned up and did my first beginner class in 2013 at TMT and after hearing the story from Trainer Dang about the history of Muay Thai, I knew I’d found my new sport.

I really would like to thank Rob, Sawat and all the staff there for managing to convert a former, slightly over-sized Basketball player into some form of fighter and for giving me a new sporting passion!

I won my first fight comfortably and am thankful for the preparation I received at the camp early this year.
Looking forward to returning to Tiger Muay Thai and can’t wait to see you all again very soon!

Lots of love,
Hannah ‘The Amazon’ Pickford :)

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