Kaylee Dovlet

Take it from someone who never intended to actually live abroad: you will not be disappointed!

kaylees-temp-test-picI arrived at Tiger Muay Thai in August of 2007 after traveling in Taiwan for 2 months, only intending to stay for a month or two before going home to Canada.

I was welcomed immediately by the friendly office staff and they were able to answer all of my questions and set me up in a room with a motorbike as soon as I reached the camp. They recommended places for me to visit on the island, some nice restaurants and introduced me to some of the guests already training. I instantly felt at home.

My first day of training was a little intimidating before the session started, however by the end of the class I had gotten to know the trainers a bit and they were all extremely friendly, encouraging and (most of all) funny. To this day every session is intense and grueling, but it always ends with a smile and a few laughs. The thing I like most is how enthusiastic they are about improving any areas you are weak in, and they always correct your technique.

Something I will definitely enjoy looking back on is doing morning runs with Ajarn Mac, and how he would wait for me everyday at some early, ungodly hour to chase me down the road by the camp. He is by far my favourite trainer and I always look forward to doing private sessions with him (his 1-on-1 technique training is AWESOME).

Now here I am, 2 years later, still training and absolutely loving my time in Phuket. I had no expectations when I decided to train here however the camp, staff and guests have exceeded anything I could have imagined.

If you’re still debating on whether or not to train at TMT, take it from someone who never intended to actually live abroad: you will not be disappointed. If it weren’t for TMT I would be back in Canada doing something “normal” like making a snowman or eating bacon (don’t fret bacon lovers – you can get it at the Tiger Grill).