Sunna Rannveig Davíðsdóttir

Forever Thankful For A Dream Come True

My journey to Thailand began long before I was there. I was there in my dreams.

I started training Muay Thai in Iceland years ago but I only trained for a few months. I found Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp on the internet when surfing around Youtube looking at Muay Thai fights and as soon as I found TMT, I started daydreaming about going there. I didn’t stop training Muay Thai because I wanted to learn more and that’s when I found my gym in Iceland Mjölnir MMA/HR.

My interest for martial arts was growing and I got into it more, doing BJJ, MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing and Strength and Conditioning. I’ve been training at Mjölnir since in the end of year 2010 and there I have learned so much. Muay Thai had been stuck on my mind since I started and I wanted to get back into it.

My dream about going to Tiger was far away yet so close. After dreaming for years I finally found a way, there is always a way.
Late last year I was traveling with my team Mjölnir to watch my friend and my coach Gunnar Nelson fight his first debut in UFC in Nottingham/England. It was there and then I made up my mind to put everything on the line and go for it. My friends and family have been more than supportive and most of all my eight year old daughter.

In January 2013 I arrived at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp in Phuket Thailand. Being there was so unreal and I’ll forever remember that feeling. Starting my first day with Tiger’s schedule in my hands and looking into what to do. For three months my plan was to find peace of mind away from real life and be able to focus what I love to do.

The tradition of Muay Thai was what I came for and to live the dream for three months, sleep, eat and train. In the beginning I was mixing it together and doing all martial classes. After being at Tiger for only a week I went in for my first amateur Muay Thai fight and did well. I was very pumped after my first fight night and hungry for more. Four weeks later I had my first amateur MMA fight and won by rear naked choke in first round. Shortly after I was fighting Muay Thai on the stadiums and had four Pro Muay Thai fights before going home and took the Bangla Champion belt home with me.

I enjoyed every minute and I learned so much more than I ever expected. My mind is set on “go with the flow” and the flow was clear and easy.

Tiger is full of world class instructors in all areas and I am grateful for getting the opportunity to learn from them and call most of them my friends. Even tough Tiger is big and many people come and go there is something very special about the way people in there connect and become a big family.

My room was in the gym and on one side was beginners ring and on the other side was fighters class where I was training after short time. It was my alarm to wake up to people punching the bags and pads. I was focused on the Muay Thai and training for fights. I pushed myself everyday with help from my coaches who made me faster, stronger and taught me great technique. It was tough going in there twice a day and pushing your body but there is no limit unless you tell yourself there is.

My day usually started in the gym or with a run/sprints up Big Buddha to break a little sweat and to earn our cheat for the day. Chocolate-protein-pancake with bananas and Nutella is bad ass cheat meal and I believe it gives you super powers. Then a laid back day at the beach.

Thai culture is beautiful and all around you can see pure beauty. People are smiling, happy and helpful even if they don’t have a lot they have so much love to give.

I am forever thankful for my life as a fighter and to have had the opportunity to make my dream come true. I have so much respect for my instructors at Tiger. They are trully world class coaches and they take good care of their students.

I am a dreamer and I know I’ll be back training at Tiger someday.
I knew it wouldn’t be easy saying goodbye and that’s why I say “See ya’ll later”.

Much love,
Mjölnir MMA/HR

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